“Carole transformed my perspective on life. I now feel free and powerful!”


Clinical Counselling

My approach incorporates the mind, the body and the spirit. I believe in our ability to change, to learn, to grow, to develop our full potential, find our place in this world and stand up for it.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can be used in clinical counselling. It is a highly individualized process and a mind-body healing art. It is used to create change in habits, beliefs, and internal dialogue.


Breathwork is an active meditation and a vibrational mind-body medicine. This form of conscious connected breathing is gentle and enables the release of old emotional and physical patterns.

“The only way there can ever be Peace and Compassion for all living beings is if we cultivate it within ourself.”

Carole Boivin M.Ed., Registered clinical counsellor and vegan activist.


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